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The Oil DefenderWelcome to The ©Oildefender (Patent applied for)

The Oildefender has been developed to help combat the increasing number of heating and fuel oil thefts from both domestic and commercial users. Thieves are targeting tanks that are located in rural or out of the way areas where they are unlikely to be caught.

Once theives have gained access to the tank the oil is either siphoned out or in some cases, the outlet pipe at the bottom of the tank is cut allowing it to be completely drained. This causes damage to the surrounding area by oil leaking into the ground and is costly to clean up as is the replacement of any lost oil and damaged pipe work.

Main Features

  • Tank Unit
  • Easy installation
  • Battery operated transmitter
  • Transmitter tamper sensor
  • Ranges of 300m and 1km
  • Commercial versions now available

Alarm Control Unit

  • Easy installation
  • Can be linked into a burglar alarm system
  • Internal audible alarm sounder
  • Alarm disable feature for refilling the tank
  • External output for a wired sounder
  • Text alert option now available
  • Low battery alarm

The Oildefender system works by detecting if the inspection cap of the tank is lifted or if the oil level within the tank drops faster than it would under normal conditions. A wireless device with the optional ranges of approximately 300metres to 1Km is fitted at the tank and sends a signal back to a small panel, which is located within the property. The panel has an internal beeper which is activated in an alarm condition to alert the occupant that there is a problem. It also has the facilities to directly wire an external electronic sounder, link it into an existing burglar alarm system or switch on an external light if required when the panel is in the alarm condition. Text message alerting is also available as an additional option.

The Oildefender system can be disabled via a key switch when the tank has to be refilled.

Case Study / Testimonials

There is only one reason why we chose the Oil Defender system – to stop our oil being stolen from our tank.

When we discovered the lid of our near empty domestic oil tank had been tampered with earlier this year, we were prompted to think about future security to protect the large amount of oil we were due to order to get us through the winter months. Thank goodness we found the Oil Defender system. It was easy to install and it did the job.

Six days after we had received our order of 2000 litres of home heating oil, the Oil Defender sensor on our oil tank lid was activated by intruders in the early hours and the alarm unit in our bedroom triggered whilst we were asleep. The alarm enabled us to ring the police and inform them that the theft was actually taking place at that very moment because the thieves had no idea we had such a system. The prompt arrival of the police prevented the thieves getting away with the six 5 gallon drums they had filled in less than 15 minutes and we were able to recover our oil. Had it not been for the fact that we were alerted to the theft as it was happening, we would no doubt have lost all our oil as the police recovered a further 22 empty 5 gallon containers near our oil tank waiting to be filled up. Unfortunately the thieves got away, but they lost their getaway vehicle and the containers.

If there is a "next time" we shall be ready and waiting. Our next step is to connect an outside siren to the Oil Defender unit which will operate in the event that we are away from home.

We are so pleased we had installed the Oil Defender alarm system and would have no hesitation in recommending this as one of the best deterrents for oil theft we have heard of. If you are concerned about your oil tank security, talk to Fuel Alarms. We did, and the cost of buying the unit was far less than the potential £1000+ of oil we could have lost.

Satisfied Customer - Rural Village, Kent.

"We were asked to install a burglar alarm system for one of our clients on their farm after attempts were made to steal machinery and diesel. The system worked fine, but unfortunately on another visit the thieves targeted the oil tanks and managed to get away with a large quantity of diesel.

We found the Oildefender website and purchased one on behalf of our customer. It was easy to install, easy to link into the burglar alarm system and has already proven itself by stopping another attempted theft of oil within days of being installed."

AJR Electrical Services

"A burglar alarm system was installed at our farm buildings after a series of break-ins, and diesel was taken; subsequently an attempt was then made to take machinery. The system has since alerted us to further visits, and is now an essential part of our set-up. It has proved to be very useful, since it has been installed in our office and machinery shed, where important pieces of equipment and machinery are stored, essential to our business.
After having had a significant amount of oil stolen and only having recently restored these supplies an Oil Defender was purchased and fitted to our diesel tanks, storing fuel for tractors and other machinery and equipment; it was then linked into the burglar alarm system.

The alarm went off on a Sunday night and we discovered that another attempt had been made at taking diesel, but fortunately they only got enough to fill a can before the alarm detected the change in levels. We have not had any further break-ins since! The system was extremely efficient and alerted us by telephone very quickly once the change in level was detected by the sensor inside the tank. The Police were very impressed by this system and we would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for this type of security.

AJR Electrical Services have done a wonderful job for us in locating this product, and successfully installing the equipment."

David Williams, Oxfordshire

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